United Hope Church - First Inter-faith Online Church -
UNITED HOPE Church (UHC) believes: 

  • “We all are humans beings equal inside the whole universe”
    and that the true church is composed of all who believe in any kind of faiths: 
    traditional religion, cultural religion, ethnic religion, minority religion, personal religious views, and etc.
  • We believe that YOU have the right to worship YOUR GOD without intolerance or oppression.
  • We believe that every living person is a part of the Universal Life.
  • When they become conscious that they are a part of Universal Life,
    they will look for people like minded.
  • We recognize that all religions in the world, including our own,stand under the judgment of THE ARTIFICER OF THE UNIVERSE and we acknowledge our own sins against others both in the historical past and in our own times.
  • We believe that a church should be independent, self-governing, and free from most associational and/or denominational control.
    This religious liberty should include the freedom to church minister to perform weddings, perform baptisms or perform funerals for friends and family, regardless of your spiritual or religious denomination.
  • We also believe members are fully eligible for membership in a church. Faith primarily ministers on earth through the local church.
    Principles of faith are the head of every church, not any person, group, or religious organization.
    While recognizing the value of associating and cooperating with other groups.