Our Point of View.

UNITED HOPE CHURCH (UHC) is an Online Inter-faith Church Community
and we are mostly orient on faith, religion and spiritual.

  • We do have a decidedly faith atmosphere, but all paths and beliefs are welcome.
  • Just the ability to accept and respect others with different faith, religious and/or spiritual beliefs
    is required to join and participate at UNITED HOPE CHURCH (UHC).
  • We believe that the true church is composed of all who believe in any kind of faiths:
    traditional religion, cultural religion, ethnic religion, minority religion and personal religion.
  • We have, within this church, a very liberal type of faith, religion, and/or spiritual but,
    we also have conservative types of people.
  • People round the world live among people grounded in other religions and ideologies, or in none.
    If our immediate circle of neighbors or friends does not reveal the religious plurality of the world,
    we need look no further than our cities, our nation, and our globally-connected world to see the diverse religious traditions which increasingly intermingle there.
    In this environment, persons and communities affect one another even when they are unaware of doing so.
  • We recognize the integrity of others’ religious traditions.
  • In our journey, we are helped by ecumenical partners around the world who, with us,
    are part of the church yet who live with different cultural values.
  • We are now looking and studying to find a way that all people can come together
    and work for the good of all people.

We are sure that UNITED HOPE CHURCH (UHC),
is the one church that satisfies the majority of spiritual people.


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