Medium-sized world religions.

Religion Number of followers
(in millions)
Cultural tradition Founded
Taoism 12–173 Chinese religions China (Asia)
Shinto 100 Japanese religions Japan (Asia)
Sikhism 28 Indian religions (Dharmic) Indian subcontinent (Asia),
15th century
Judaism 14 Abrahamic religions Levant (Asia)
Korean shamanism 5–15 Korean religions Korea (Asia)
Caodaism 5–9 Vietnamese religions Vietnam (Asia), 20th century
Bahá’í Faith 5–7.3 Abrahamic religions Iran (Asia), 19th century
Jainism 4.2 Indian religions (Dharmic) Indian subcontinent (Asia),
7th to 9th century BC
Cheondoism 3–4 Korean religions Korea (Asia), 19th century
Hoahaoism 1.5–3 Vietnamese religions Vietnam (Asia), 20th century
Tenriism 5 Japanese religions Japan (Asia), 19th century