United Hope Church - First Inter-faith Online Church -

United Hope Church is a new denomination that interconnect all spiritual paths from the major world religious traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism, to smaller paths such as Shamanism and Druidism, as well earth based religions like Wicca, and other native or ethnic Religions.
As an Interfaith Online Church,
our goal is bring people together from all over the world in an atmosphere of faith, peace, love, sharing and community.


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UHC_logo_smallis a Church with a difference
and it’s The First Interfaith Online Church,
the only one of its kind in the world.

Simply put, UHC is very modern, fresh, liberal-minded

and adapted to fit the needs in today’s online world.

The First Global Interfaith Online Church Community

is a place where you can have an interactive faith experience
with people from around the world.

Be a part of this Spiritual Community…. 

is a NON-PROFIT, tax-exempt Church Organization,
and is formed for religious purposes,
to advance religious faith and practice as taught by UNITED HOPE CHURCH,
to perform acts of charity, and further the benefit of all people.

is registered and qualify as exempt organizations
under section 501 (c )(3)
of the Internal Revenue Code,
or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code. 

Charitable contributions to United Hope Church
are deductible for income purposes to the extent allowed by the law.
All gifts are receipted and 100% of the gift
is used for ministry and education.